Bakery, Snack, & Cereal

Consumer preference toward simpler ingredient statements and less sugar has also increased demand for naturally-derived alternatives to synthetic (certified) colour additives. As FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal stated in their June 2012 issue, “The snack food industry continues to explore ways to offer their consumers a cleaner label by switching from synthetic to natural colours.”

Manufacturers of baked goods, snacks and cereals use a broad range of natural colours. Many products are neutral to basic, which can allow for purple hues in cakes, cookies and biscuits.

Extrusions & Inclusions

Breakfast cereals and extruded snacks may utilize blends of carotenoids and caramel colour to achieve yellow to orange hues. Inclusions in cereal or bars may show a rainbow of natural colouring. Time and temperature factors often determine the best solution for the process.

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Cocoa Extender

The price volatility and supply challenges of the cocoa market make it difficult to consistently source certain cocoa powders. To meet the challenge, DDW has formulated and tested cocoa extenders to meet the hue for Natural, Dutch (alkaline), and Black cocoa types. However, chocolate colour is not limited to these three variables. Consequently, DDW has expertise in colour blending to achieve the customer’s desired hue with consistency, availability, and economy. Find out more here.

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