Breads, Cakes, & Pastries

Breads & cakes are typically neutral in pH, and are baked at a high temperature. The required elevated temperature and extended heating time have implications for the final hue. Yellow to orange options include turmeric, beta-carotene, and annatto.

Natural Colours in Breads & Cakes

Cake mix usually contains either synthetic or natural colouring. DDW offers a multitude of natural colour solutions for synthetic colour alternatives, whether yellow, brown, orange or red.

Red cabbage, perhaps the most stable anthocyanin colouring in high heat, provides a lavender hue in cake.

natural colors natural colours color colour bread cake

For Red Velvet Cake, red beet will achieve visual appeal; however, at high doses, it can impart off-flavors into the final product. carmine is the best alternative to synthetic Red 40 (Allura Red) in red velvet cake due to its stability.


Fruit prep in pastries poses unique challenges, including the prevention of colour migration in varying pH and solubility within the product. How the fruit prep is processed will also factor into colour selection. Let our colour experts help you select the right natural colours for your pastry application.

Frosting and Icing

Frosting and icing can enhance cake, cake pops, and cupcakes. For more information on how you can use DDW’s natural colors in your frosting application, click here.

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