Cookies & Biscuits

The number of launches in sweet cookies and biscuits has led the entire baking category in 2012, according to Innova Market Research. Product developers have added fruit and vegetable fillings for more nutritional options marketed towards children. At the other end of the market, launches of decadent or “indulgent” products are also on the rise — although portions may be smaller.

Butter or vanilla cookie or biscuit varieties may contain beta-carotene, caramel colour, calcium carbonate, turmeric, and annatto.

cookies biscuits caramel colour caramel color burnt sugar

Cookie Fillings & Frostings

Learn more about naturally coloured cookie and biscuit fillings or icings by clicking here

Cocoa Extender

Chocolate cookies, forever a favorite among consumers, often contain caramel colour to extend cocoa powder. DDW offers various different tested cocoa extender solutions for Natural, Dutch (alkaline) and Black Cocoa.

Ice Cream Cones

DDW can provide natural colours for your ice cream cone application. In a wafer or waffle cone, Class III caramel colour can replace synthetic or artificial brown dye – which is a blend of synthetic red, yellow, and blue hues.

DDW 201, 203 or 301 achieves a balance between red hue and colour intensity that works well in an ice cream cone application.

For information on how to create naturally coloured ice cream and gelato, click here.

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