Frosting / Icing

Officially, frosting and icing are synonyms, but one’s location strongly influences interpretation. “Icing” in Europe can mean “frosting” in the U.S., and “frosting” in Europe can mean “icing” in the U.S. In order of lowest to highest water content, the types include buttercream, ganache, royal icing, whipped cream frosting, and sugar glaze.

Buttercream formulators can now use DDW’s innovative oil dispersible colour technology to replace a synthetic (certified = FD&C) lake. Prior to the introduction of this technology, food manufacturers would use powdered versions of natural colouring blended into powdered sugar. This traditional method risks speckling and colour migration. In contrast, DDW’s new technology results in even colour distribution and minimized water migration.

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Royal icing, which traditionally contains egg whites and milk, necessitates the choice of water soluble colouring. Any added protein content helps colour stability and deters colour migration.

Powdered colouring works better in royal icing or whipped cream frosting where enough water is available for colour hydration. An effective method is to initially blend the colouring into sugar prior to the liquid phase.

Add colouring at low dosage to achieve pastel colours. Add at higher dosage for a concentrated colour; however, it may impart flavor. For chocolate frosting (U.S.type), the water content may be high enough to formulate water soluble caramel colour for hue depth. Natural colouring may not reach the extreme, saturated hues resulting from synthetic (certified = FD&C) lakes or dyes.

The pH stability range of red beet (beetroot red) makes it a common pink to red natural colouring used in frosting/icing. Other colourings are beta-carotene, turmeric, and titanium dioxide.

Oil Dispersible Technology

DDW is proud to offer an innovative, new oil dispersible technology for use in frostings and icings. Click here to learn more.

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