Savoury Snacks

The overall snack category includes crackers, nuts, pretzels, corn chips, puffs, tortilla chips, and more. In addition, the salty snack category also includes potato chips and crisps, normally fried or baked.

Extruded (non-fried) snacks with reduced fat content represent a growth segment. The extrusion process requires heat stable colourings. Turmeric, annatto, and caramel colour offer yellow to brown hues, while paprika and carmine offer orange to red hues. DDW has worked extensively to colour potato chips outside of formed potatoes or extrusions to increase colour appearance without the need for additional seasoning (sodium).

crackers snack natural colours natural colors

Salty snack trends include strong topical seasoning flavors with ethnic twists or hot sauce pairings. Another growth segment is vegetable based snacks. In Europe, beer or cheese options have broadened the flavor category.

Seasoning blends often contain powdered turmeric, annatto, and caramel colour. Paprika or turmeric may function as both flavor and colour.


‘Better for You’ snacking has recently boosted sales of crackers and innovation in the category. The trend toward whole grains and ancient grains is likely to continue growth. Savory flavors dominate the cracker category, but sweet flavors are growing as well. The climb of ethnic flavored crackers may also increase demand for spice colouring such as turmeric and annatto.

Cracker manufacturers use colouring in laminated, puffed, or shredded wheat products. Annatto dominates as a cheese colouring in crackers and cheese filling for sandwich crackers. Other familiar colourings in crackers are turmeric, natural beta-carotene, and sodium copper chlorophyllin (where local legislation permits).


DDW offers multiple, oil soluble colourings for microwave popcorn or stovetop popcorn oil.

Tortilla Chips

North American tortillas are maize or wheat based flat breads. Whether refrigerated or shelf-stable, clear packaging of tortillas requires light stable colouring. Synthetic calcium carbonate can serve a (secondary) purpose of reducing off-gray colour. Typically neutral to basic pH, tortillas are baked or fried. Hence, anthocyanin colouring will appear purple, not red. Carmine may work to redden. Yellow to orange to brown options are achievable. In a frozen package or meal box that protects from light, turmeric enhances yellow corn colour.

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