Dry Blends

Formulating natural colors for use in a dry beverage mix may require matching both surface shade and reconstituted beverage (liquid) color. In order to match both, custom blends are often necessary. Many anthocyanin powders, for example, appear much darker than they do when added to liquid, but can be lightened in appearance using customized blends.

Because dry powders are typically in packaging that protects them from light, options such as turmeric and spirulina are available, allowing for a wider range of yellow, green, blue, and purple hues for instant beverages. The powders that DDW recommends for dry beverage mixes have consistent particle size to prevent striations of coloring.

Dry mixes for chocolate protein drinks or chocolate milk, may contain a blend of caramel color or NaturBrown™ Ingredients and beet, or another natural red coloring, to enhance the color of the cocoa and to replace synthetics.

dry powder Beverage Mix natural colours natural colors caramel colour caramel color coloring colouring

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