Sports Drinks & Enhanced Water

The most common colors for sports drinks or vitamin enhanced waters are red, orange, and yellow. For companies looking to replace synthetic colors, vegetable-based anthocyanins, such as purple corn, purple carrot, and red radish colors are well-suited to achieve red hues in these applications at a pH of 3 because they are generally more heat and light stable than fruit-based anthocyanins. For orange to yellow hues, DDW’s EmulsiTech™ Paprika, Aprocarotenal, and Beta-Carotene options provide stable, vibrant colors with natural emulsifiers. EmulsiTech™ Cloud provides beverage developers with a simple label, opaque alternative to Titanium Dioxide. While Spirulina is not approved for use in RTD sports drinks or vitamin enhanced waters, it can be used to create blue, green, and purple hues for dry mix sports drinks.

Coloring Foods in Beverages

Protein Drinks

Nutritional, ‘muscle’ and meal replacement beverages often contain ingredients or nutraceuticals with incidental colouring properties. Carotenoid examples include beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and canthaxanthin. Turmeric, chlorophyll, and red beet may also be present. Anthocyanin examples include grape skin, black /purple carrot, and blackcurrant.

In contrast, developers formulate with carmine and caramel colour solely for the colouring function.

Potential protein precipitation, visible from colouring attachment to protein, must be managed.

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