Juice Based Drinks

Juice and juice drinks accounted for almost half of global beverage launches in 2012, according to Innova Market Insights.The product trend is lower sugar. The processing trend is toward cold-press and away from centrifugal juicers, according to BevNet. Whether the juice drink contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a critical factor for colouring choice. Vitamin C may accelerate the browning of anthcoycanins, whereas it enhances the stability of carotenoids. Other options include red beet and caramel colour for acid stability. Often, juice concentrates contain fruit juice for both flavor and colour. Colouring helps to standardize seasonal variation in fruit appearance.

Vegetable Juices

The category of vegetable juice drinks may include a blend of vegetable and fruit juices. As with fruit juice drinks, the concentrate ingredients work simultaneously as both flavor and colour.


Thick, fruit-based smoothie drinks may include milk or yogurt, which would require a high dosage of natural colouring to overcome the pastel effect of milk.

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