Spirits and Liqueurs

spirits liquors liqueurs cognac liqueur spirit adult alcoholic alcohol beverage drink drinks beverages natural colour colours colour colours naturally coloured colouredSpirits and liqueurs require negatively charged caramel colours for alcohol stability.

In high alcohol systems, Class Four Caramel Colours are less soluble than Class One or “Plain” Caramel Colours.

To illustrate, a Class Four Caramel Colour in 80% alcohol will develop temporary haze. When adjusted to a lower alcohol concentration, such as 40% alcohol, the Class Four Caramel Colour will go back into solution. When high alcohol solubility is required for an application, a quality Class One or “Plain” Caramel Colour such as DDW 570 is stable in 80% alcohol. For some spirit applications, DDW offers caramelized fruits and other natural flavors.

In Europe, a food company can label Class One Caramel Colour as “Burnt Sugar” if the function is flavour and not colour.

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