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DDW offers a range of natural colours that can help product manufacturers replace synthetic colors in confectionery applications while maintaining the bright hues associated with confections.

When switching to natural colors, product developers should be aware that processing may need to be updated to have the ability to mix colors into the sugar mass during the cooling and forming stage to prevent color degredation. Generally, ingredients added to help protect and preserve the main ingredients in candies (TBHQ/BHT or citric acid) will also help protect naturally derived colors used in the same application. Many laminated, biaxially oriented polymer wrappings are available that can provide adequate oxygen, light, and moisture barriers.

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Oil Technology Colors in Confections

DDW offers a proprietary, oil technology for naturally derived colouring that can be used in sanding and decorative sugars for your candy or confection product applications. This oil dispersible technology is innovative because it allows for water soluble colouring to be added to oil-based systems or used for plating to ensure even distribution.

Using our unique Oil Technology Colors, DDW can turn any water soluble color into an oil-dispersible form for fat-based coatings such as white chocolate (or compound coating) and yogurt. This allows typically hard-to-reach hues such as blue, green, and pink to be achieved. Add DDW’s innovative natural colorings to compound coating at a low dosage (less than 0.5%) to achieve pastel colors. Add these colors at a higher dosage to hard fat for a concentrated color, which is then added to compound coating, to achieve vibrant colors without increasing viscosity.

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