Panned Candy

Hard Panned

Hard panning is a process to create a “shell” on candy or nuts. It controls the crystallization of sugar onto a center, whether a nut, chocolate, or chewing gum. Titanium dioxide can help provide a white coating over a dark center.

Low temperature for a long period of time gives confectionery manufacturers the opportunity to add layers of colouring in the finishing stage of panning. DDW offers natural lakes and dyes as options for hard panning applications.

confectionery in beakers

Soft Panned

Soft panning utilizes syrup that will not crystalize, such as glucose. A jelly bean, with its soft shell and gummy interior, is the most common soft panning product. Recent product launches include formulations with real, not artificial, fruits and flavors.

Demand from health-conscious consumers to eliminate synthetic (certified = FD&C) colouring has encouraged confectionery manufacturers to offer clean label products.

Natural colouring tools include carmine or anthocyanins for red hues, turmeric for yellow, and beet red for pink. Sodium copper chlorophyllin (where local legislation permits) can be used to achieve a green hue. Water soluble or water dispersible colours work best.

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