Sprinkles / Nonpareils

Nonpareils (sometimes non-pareils or non pareils) have various synonyms – such as “sprinkles” or sometimes called “jimmies” in the USA and “hundreds and thousands” in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Starch, sugar, and colouring are primary ingredients in sprinkles, which are typically a sphere-shaped, decorative confection.

Manufacturers need to choose between synthetic and natural colouring. For the latter, long shelf life and light stability are requirements. Common colourings include caramel colour, carmine, and beta-carotene. Methods from panned candy may apply here.

Decorative Sugar

Decorative sanding sugar can be added to frostings (icing in Europe), gummies, and cookies. Some consumers now demand natural alternatives to synthetic colouring in these traditional applications.

Bakers and confectioners plate water soluble or oil dispersible natural colouring on sugar crystals. Large sugar crystals may require less free flow agent as they are less susceptible to clumping and therefore may result in a brighter colour.

DDW’s new oil dispersible colour technology allows for more even coating, less colour migration, and a clean label on colored sugars with a wide variety of hues. Click here to learn more about DDW’s Oil Technology on colored sugar.

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