Dairy products are refrigerated or frozen and are usually protected from light, allowing for a wide range of natural colors to be used since heat and light stability are not an issue. The main stability considerations for choosing a natural color in dairy are pH, heat from pasteurization, and added flavors.

Since the pH of milk is about pH 6.8, natural color sources such as beta-carotene, annatto, beet, and turmeric work well and provide a wide variety of color options in the yellow to orange and pink to red hue range for milk beverages and ice creams. As cultures are introduced for yogurt or yogurt-based beverages, such as kefir, the pH is lower, opening the door to fruit or vegetable-based anthocyanins including elderberry, black/purple carrot, purple sweet potato, red radish and red cabbage, which provide a purple-red hue at pH 4.0.

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Certified Organic for Dairy

In 2012, DDW launched a certified organic annatto powder which could be a good solution for many cheese and sauce applications that include dairy ingredients. The water soluble food colouring provides a yellow orange shade in dry mixes. Food manufacturers can label it “organic annatto extract” on U.S. ingredient statements. This new DDW natural colour product is an extension to DDW’s certified organic annatto extracts available in liquid form – water soluble liquid or powder, oil soluble, and oil soluble suspension. Because our annatto extract is certified organic, it meets the needs of the consumers who are demanding organic and natural products.

DDW certified organic annatto extract is a great natural colour solution for several varieties of dairy products, from cheddar cheese to ice cream. Colour with confidence in knowing you can claim 100% certified organic on the label for your dairy application, thanks to DDW natural colours.

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