Ice Cream

If an ice cream manufacturer chooses natural colours, then a high dosage is often required to achieve bright hues and overcome whiteness and aeration. A low dosage of natural colouring in ice cream may result in a pastel hue.

Similarly, a natural strawberry colour formulated with annatto and red beet also demonstrates good stability over a long period of time.

To learn more about natural color use in ice cream, see our Ice Cream Technical Tips.


Gelato contains less fat and aeration than ice cream; natural colours may work with less dosage than required in ice cream. Gelato typically contains lot of fruits, nuts, or other sweet treats. Turmeric and red beet offer great stability for vibrant hues in frozen applications and packaging that protect from light. For unique hues or specific flavours, DDW can create custom colour solutions.

ice cream natural colors natural colours

Sherbet & Sorbet

Sherbet’s standard of identity details lower milk fat content and nonfat milk solids compared to ice cream. These differences influence the colour brilliance achieved by the addition of natural colouring. The increased fat content imparts a pastel-like effect on naturally derived colouring added to ice cream. The same dosage added to sherbet would produce a more vibrant appearance.

Sorbet is a non-fat or low-fat alternative to ice cream and may demonstrate bright colours due to higher density and less intense background.

Frozen Novelties

Spirulina, turmeric, and red beet offer great stability with vibrant hues in frozen novelty applications where the packaging protects from UV light. Brighter red colors are achievable with anthocyanins, such as red radish or elderberry, in juice-based frozen novelties due to the lower pH. Since color suggests the flavor of the novelty to the consumer, custom blends may be necessary to acheive the right shade.

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