Pudding / Custard

Pudding and custard manufacturers with aseptic packaging need heat stable colouring. Natural beta-carotene, carmine, turmeric and annatto are the most popular choice for dessert product developers.

In Europe, sodium copper chlorophyllin provides a green hue in mint and pistachio flavoured pudding or custard products.

DDW’s product line of natural flavors from caramelized fruits may enhance pudding and custards.

Annatto and/or caramel colour provides yellow to orange to brown hues in vanilla, butterscotch, and dulce de leche (toffee) puddings and pie fillings.

Chilled or powdered options, which require less heat stability than aseptic varieties, may utilize anthocyanins and beetroot red for red to pink hues.

Many powdered natural colourings function well in a dry dessert mix, whether instant or cook-up, whether foodservice or retail.

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