Meat Snack / Jerky

Manufacturers dry meat to produce a protein rich, lightweight snack such a jerky. It is an ultimate, convenient protein source that does not need to be refrigerated. The U.S. has a mature jerky-style market, and other countries have boosted demand for meat snacks such as salami-style sausage (see Processed Meat).

Meat snacks, dominated by beef and variants such as turkey, are vacuum sealed or packaged in plastic bags.

When natural colours are used, caramel colour (Class III such as DDW 201 or 203) overcomes gray to provide a richer, beefier appearance. Many Class III caramel colours are stable in high salt solution. Carmine and turmeric can enhance red and yellow colour, respectively, and suggest a spicy flavor. Paprika, as a spice, enhances orange to red hues.

beef jerky meat jerkies snack snacks naturally coloured naturally derived colouring caramel colour
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