Protein Drinks

Vitamin pre-mixes are often drab greys and browns, so to achieve more appetizing hues for nutrient rich mixes, colors are typically added. Strawberry and chocolate are amongst the most popular flavors for protein powders and RTD protein beverages.

Product developers of dry mixes for chocolate-flavored protein drinks may decide to add natural color blends to enhance the color of the cocoa, replace synthetics, or reduce the high costs of cocoa. DDW recommends Caramel Color powder 640 alone or in a blend with red beet for rich chocolate hues.

For strawberry flavored protein powders, DDW recommends using red beet. Depending on the desired hue of the strawberry flavor, turmeric, beta-carotene, or caramel color can be added.

DDW also offers a range of liquid natural colors that can easily be added to RTD protein beverages, such as NaturBrownTM 830, to enhance their visual appeal. These products are typically run through UHT processing to make them shelf stable, so colors that can withstand high heat, such as caramel color, beta-carotene, annatto, lycopene, and carmine, are required.

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