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Pet owners are now seeking healthy “clean label” food and treats. Natural colors can help pet food product developers provide these clean label options to consumers.

DDW’s colors work well in a variety of treats including bones, bacon chews, rawhide, and jerky sticks without the use of FD&C synthetic colors. We offer both liquid and powder color solutions, including carmine, beets, turmeric, and chlorophyll, to provide a range of products for red, orange, yellow, and green treats, as well as caramel colors and caramelized fruits and vegetables to achieve any shade of brown. Blends of caramel and natural color expand our natural color portfolio and increase stability to light and heat.

Dog Treats

Oil Technology Colors for Pet Treats

The solubility of color is a key stability factor when creating products. While oil-based natural colors are easily emulsified to work in water systems, modifying water-soluble colors for oil systems is more challenging.

Using our unique Oil Technology Colors, DDW is able to provide typically water soluble color in oil-dispersible form for fat-based coatings on gourmet dipped or coated pet treats. This allows typically hard-to-reach hues such as blue, green, and pink to be achieved for treats that can now visually match their blueberry, spinach, and strawberry flavors.

Natural Colors in Pet Food Pet Treats
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