Processed Potatoes

Natural colours can enhance a “home cooked” appearance in retail potato products and help to standardize batch-to-batch colour variation.

Potato products may appear lighter due to undeveloped colour when manufacturers seek to reduce heat and cooking time to minimize acrylamide development. The addition of colouring helps to achieve “just the right” golden-brown hue in baked French fries.

French Fries

French fry (chip) manufacturers demand ‘just the right’ hue of golden brown for their customers, whether the processing is frying or baking. A consumer will see some intentional colour variation instead of a uniform, bland appearance. Different processed potato products require different colour dispersibility solutions.

DDW formulates naturally coloured potato chips by adding colouring to the structure – not just the surface.

natural colors natural colours french fries

Natural Colour Options for Potatoes

Processors may choose from a wide variety of water soluble colouring blends, which may include annatto, turmeric, or caramel colour in ‘fully fried’ products. Add colouring at the dip phase after blanching.

Manufacturers of potatoes for home baking by consumers have conventionally selected oil soluble colouring types. Now, DDW’s innovation of oil dispersible caramel colour has widened the spectrum of yellow to golden brown hues. DDW’s novel oil dispersible type of caramel colour – either with or without carotenoid colouring(s) – requires agitation during fry processing to maintain fully suspended colouring. DDW can use its oil dispersible technology with many different types, hues, and blends of natural colouring.

The pH levels in potato processing may require acid-proof carotenoid and/or caramel colouring. DDW received industry awards in both the U.S. and Europe for its innovative acid-proof Class One (labeled “Plain” in EU) caramel colour, the most natural type.

Because potato companies may prefer dry ingredients for processing purposes, DDW offers either liquid or powdered options. For example, DDW produces a dozen different types of powdered caramel colours with surface shades ranging from yellow-brown to reddish-brown to nearly black. Often these serve as the stability and/or hue base of dry blends with other natural colouring. Non-GM versions are available. To limit moisture, pre-formed potato products can be surface coated with powdered natural colourings prior to the frying process.

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