Gravy / Dry Sauce Mix

For brown sauces, the surface shade of powdered caramel colour helps to identify flavor for consumers and reduce batch-to-batch variation. So, a Class I powder (DDW 624 or 626) may help suggest a chicken or turkey gravy. The red hue of Class IV DDW 610 or a Class III powder (DDW 640-series) or may help suggest rich, beef gravy. Some gravy mix manufacturers prefer one of DDW’s many Class IV double-strength powders for high colour intensity. Dry mix for cheese sauce applications may contain carotenoid colouring.

Oil Technology Colours

DDW is proud to offer an innovative new oil dispersible technology suitable for use in sauces, gravies and dry sauce mixes. DDW’s oil dispersible technology can be added to brown seasonings. It plates easily and consistently on salt for a uniform appearance and allows for even distribution in dry seasoning blends. It also keeps the colour from sticking to the equipment during the manufacturing process.

gravy caramel colour caramel color burnt sugar natural colors natural colours

DDW’s new oil technology colours provide even colour distribution by plating easily and consistently on salt, reduces sticking of caramel colour during gravy mixing and packaging, and helps to prevent any potential oil separation on the surface of the gravy. Ask for a sample.

DDW manufactures powdered caramel colour on four different continents. DDW produces a dozen different types of powdered caramel colours with surface shades ranging from yellowbrown to reddishbrown to nearly black. In gravy applications, salt stability is important. DDW offers a range of salt stable caramel powders to meet this need.

Often these serve as the stability and/or hue base of dry blends with other natural colouring. Non-GM versions are available.

Watch the our video to learn more.

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