Oils & Dressings

Salad Dressing

The three main types of salad dressing are vinaigrette, creamy, and cooked. Vinaigrette contains vinegar as a base. The amount of vinegar will impact the colour that is chosen. Creamy and cooked varieties usually contain mayonnaise.

DDW offers a specific, proven elderberry colouring for raspberry vinaigrettes.

Raspberry, Catalina and French dressings require red colouring custom solutions. In a refrigerated dressing, blends can utilize anthocyanins, lycopene and caramel colour.


To achieve the stability required in ambient dressings or dips, manufacturers need to either reach a pH below 4.2 or cook the product. Colourings which are stable in ambient salad dressing also work in refrigerated dressings, although the reverse is not always true. Anthocyanins, lycopene and caramel colour are some recommended sources of naturally derived colour for refrigerated dressings.


A common heat stable colouring in dressing is turmeric. Most of the carotenoid colourings – beta-carotene, lutein, annatto and lycopene — are found in dressings. Balsamic vinegar may contain Class IV caramel colour. Chlorophyll provides a green hue to spinach or a green goddess dressing/dip.


Because salad dressings are a balance between water and oil systems, solubility requirements determine DDW’s colouring selection. If the dressing manufacturer does not perform their own emulsions, DDW offers oil soluble products and our EmulsiTech™ line of Natural Color Emulsions.


Vegetable-based cooking oil may include oil soluble forms of beta-carotene, annatto, or paprika colouring in the yellow to orange range.

The chemical structure of carotenoid colouring provides oil solubility.

The oil soluble forms of beta-carotene, annatto, and lutein give yellow to orange hues in cooking oils or sprays.

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