Savory / Seasoning

Naturally derived colouring plays a critical role in seasoning to standardize and broaden the visual spectrum of possibilities. From sautéed golden yellow to capsicum orange, from barbecue red to blackened, colouring makes a critical impact on surface shade no matter the foodstuff. If the product is battered and breaded, then water dispersible colouring can prevent colour leeching into the cooking oil.

A snack dusting may contain powdered annatto to suggest cheese flavor. A barbecue or hot sauce seasoning may contain a blend of powdered paprika and caramel colour. DDW produces a

naturally coloured spices blends seasonings savory savories

dozen different types of powdered caramel colours with surface shades ranging from yellow-brown to reddish-brown to nearly black. Often these serve as the stability and hue base of dry blends with other natural colouring. Non-GM versions are available.

With our premium natural colourings in a wide range of hues, we’d love to help you choose the right DDW Colour for your savory or seasoning.

Oil Technology

DDW is proud to offer an innovative new oil dispersible technology suitable for use in brown seasonings. This oil dispersible technology plates easily and consistently on salt for a uniform appearance and allows for even distribution in dry seasoning blends. It also keeps the colour from sticking to the equipment during the manufacturing process.

Watch our video to learn more!

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