Bouillon / Soup Base / Stock

The process of dehydrating vegetable and/or meat stock results in a granulated, cube, or paste bouillon with a salt content ranging from 60 to 75%. Upon reconstitution, particles from the base ingredients may be visible in the bouillon or broth. The dominant hues are yellow to brown arising from turmeric, caramel colour and/or beta-carotene. Class III powdered caramel colours provide a reddish-brown hue to a beef bouillon cube and offer high levels of salt stability.

Soup base in its dry form allows for use of heat sensitive colouring that may fade or discolour during retort. Heat stable, powdered colourings commonly used in dry soups are turmeric or beta-carotene for yellow, caramel colour for brown, and calcium carbonate to enhance the white hue of a cream soup. Red beet powder strengthens the red hue in tomato-based soup.

bouillion cubes
For dry soup base, salt stability should be considered when using caramel colour. DDW 640, 641 or 642 (Class III) provides stability up to 20% salt solution. Higher colour intensities are available with salt stability up to 10% salt solution. Instant noodle soup comes with flavor/seasoning packets that include powder versions of caramel and other naturally derived colouring.

The process of reducing ingredients like cooked meat, bones, mirepoix, herbs and spices creates a stock, which is then strained to form a clear liquid. The creation of gravy or au jus may involve added colouring to deepen remaining stock colour. DDW offers a unique Caramelized Onion that contributes both natural flavor and colour to soups, sauces and convenience meals.

For cubes, we suggest mixing the salt and caramel, followed by the MSG and starch. The salt should break up any caramel clumps and take on any additional moisture. Once all the dry ingredients are blended, then add the oil.

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