Bringing colors to life: global growth in ‘clean label’ natural colors

17 November, 2015
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The following excerpts were taken from the article “Bringing colors to life: global growth in ‘clean label’ natural colors” from Beverage Industry Magazine, November 2015, pp. 56-61.


Jody Renner-Nantz, senior application scientist for D.D. Williamson (DDW), Louisville, Ky., agrees. “Europe’s switch to eliminate artificial colors in children’s food has also influenced U.S. consumer demand,” she says. “Certain food categories will continue to include [Food Drug & Cosmetic Act](FD&C) colors for stability and economy. For example, sports drinks in blue and green hues.”

The largest categories for non FD&C colors are caramel, anthocyanins, cochineal and carotenoids. “There is smaller demand for red beet, turmeric and spirulina, which are more challenging to source for beverage applications,” she adds.


To keep pace with the demand for color innovations, in October, DDW opened a new manufacturing facility at its Louisville, KY headquarters to produce liquid carotenoids color emulsions.

“It features our EmulsiTech™ color emulsions, which convert sources such as beta-carotene and paprika from their intrinsic, oil soluble form to a stable, water dispersible form for coloring juice drinks, enhanced waters, fermented dairy drinks and other beverages,” Renner-Nantz explains. “This has expanded DDW’s yellow, orange and red solutions, and innovations in the pipeline include new sources of fruit and vegetable juice for color.”

Experts stress that replacing artificial colors with coloring concentrates and natural food colors that display the same intensity, brilliance and stability will require wide product knowledge and application – from product development to product launch.

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