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Why should you join the DDW family? We might be a global company, but we’re still a family-run business. At DDW, we have a company culture that feels more like a family that encourages the continued growth of associate talent.

DDW currently has 10 manufacturing facilities on 5 continents around the world and we pride ourselves on filling all of our facilities by hiring great people! We promote from within, whenever possible, and we truly appreciate our associates. If you take a glance at our Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll see pictures, stories and events celebrating our associates.

Our Company Culture

At DDW, we are passionate about natural colours. We love food science. We love our associates. And best of all: we think it’s “cool” to be a food science geek!

Get a feel for our company culture in the following award-winning video. DDW associates from Science and Innovation, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Sales use humor, fact and fun to walk you through some of our favorite things about working in the food ingredient industry: