Class I (Plain) Caramel Colour – E150a

Class I Caramel Colors (E150a), also known as “plain caramels” or “spirit caramels,“ range in hue from yellow to red-brown and have a slight negative colloidal charge. While most Class I Caramel Colors are only stable above pH 3.0, DDW offers select caramels with acid stability down to pH 2.8. Class I Caramels do not contain 4-MeI or sulfites and have the highest stability in alcohol compared to other classes of caramels. Certified Organic Class I Caramel Colors are available.

Typical Class I Applications

Breads, Spirits, Dairy Beverages, Confections

For more information on DDW’s darkest Class I Caramel Colour and Burnt Sugar Powders, fill out the following form to read our Specialty Dark White Paper.

Class I Caramel Color caramel colour

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