DDW IFT 2016 Preview

27 June, 2016
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Visit DDW Booth #1809 at IFT 2016 in Chicago to see our newest innovations, including:

purple corn red pink

Purple Corn Juice for Color

DDW’s award-winning Purple Corn Juice Concentrate for color is a non-GM vibrant red option with a neutral taste that can be labeled simply as “vegetable juice for color” or “purple corn juice for color.” It is gently produced without the use of solvents and has a safe, sustainable, and transparent supply chain – controlled from seed to sale by DDW. It has the capacity to quickly scale to meet global demand, providing opportunities for significant cost reduction so customers can more cost effectively replace Red #40.
EmulsiTech in Beverages small

EmulsiTech Clear Natural Color Emulsions

DDW’s EmulsiTech™ Clear Paprika and Beta-Carotene Natural Color Emulsions are created using a natural emulsifier system and natural colors. These are the only clear paprika and beta-carotene emulsions currently available that contain only natural emulsifiers without the use of polysorbate-80, sucrose esters, or modified food starches. They allow product developers to create a clear yellow, orange, or orange-red beverage with minimal flavor impact and excellent heat, acid, and light stability.

specialty dark caramel color caramel colour natural flavor burnt sugar brown

Specialty Dark Class I Caramel Color & Natural Flavor

DDW’s Specialty Dark Powders, available as a class I caramel color or burnt sugar powders in the EU, can achieve a one-to-one replacement for Class III and single strength Class IV Caramels with excellent stability in most applications. With an average color intensity of 0.150, they are 2-3 times darker than current Class I Caramel Color powders. Additionally, Specialty Dark powders are red-brown allowing developers to achieve closer matches to Class III and IV Caramel Colors than previously possible.

blue panned candy spirulina light stable

Spirulina with Increased Light Stability

DDW Spirulina is a standard blue without green or purple undertones that can replace FD&C Blue #1. It can range in hue from light blue to deep royal blue depending on the application and dosage. When blended with other natural colors, spirulina can provide vibrant green and purple hues. Although spirulina typically has poor heat and light stability, DDW has developed an innovative liquid with light stability improved by up to 40%.

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