Red and Red Orange

Orange is a secondary colour, created when combining yellow and red. Colours can all vary by lightness (closeness to black or white), hue and chroma (saturation).

DDW offers many natural alternatives to synthetic orange and red colours. Examples of raw material sources serving as building blocks for food and beverage colours in the orange to red range include red cabbage, red radish, beet juice, cochineal, and more.

For the colour red, DDW offers many natural colourant options. Consider beets or anthocyanins.

Natural Colours in the Orange to Red Hue Range

Red Hues
Black / Purple Carrot Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Elderberry Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Purple Sweet Potato Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Red Cabbage Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Red Radish Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Hibiscus Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Chokeberry / Aronia Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Lycopene Water Dispersible, Acid Proof
Cochineal Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Carmine Water Soluble, Oil Soluble Suspension, Lake

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DDW is a world leader in caramel colour and natural colouring sources for food and beverage applications.

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