Pink Hue
Consumers are looking for a cleaner label. They want to see words they understand, recognize and can pronounce, and that’s where naturally derived colours have a good role.”

Consumers are demanding more natural and clean label food and beverage products. At DDW, we are helping food and beverage manufacturers and product developers meet that demand through naturally derived colourings. For applications where naturally derived pink hues are required, anthocyanins and carmine are good options.

DDW offers many natural colouring alternatives to synthetic pink. Some raw material sources that can be used for food and beverage colours in the pink range include red cabbage, red radish, beet juice, cochineal, and more.

DDW now offers oil dispersible naturally derived solutions for pink hues. In addition, there are also water soluble options available.

Pink Hues

Attributes:Water Soluble
Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Water Soluble, Acid Proof
Water Soluble

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