Innovations in Caramel Colour for Europe

13 March, 2012
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Louisville, KY, USA — What caramel colour and burnt sugar innovations are European retailers currently looking for? How have these innovations changed the demand from food and beverage manufacturers in Europe? John Calland, European Sales Director for DDW, answers these questions in the following Expert Answers interview.

“In terms of innovation,” Calland says, “what the retailers are really looking for is a stable natural colour, a brown.” Specifically, retailers need “a brown that’s going to work in colas and [provide] a very dark beverage.”

Calland goes on to say, “At the moment, the retailers really do need to use natural colours; now, a burnt sugar — a plain caramel — will give you that option.”

As Calland says, retailers currently use natural plant extracts, including hibiscus and black carrot among others. “There are stability issues,” Calland says, “but if a caramel can be used in a new formulation, it will give prolonged shelf life and preferred caramel notes.”

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