Key regulatory hurdles for natural colouring

29 December, 2011
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Key Regulatory Hurdles for Natural Colouring: An Interview with DDW’s Margaret Lawson

As part of our recently-launched Expert Answers Series, DDW’s Chief Science Officer, Margaret Lawson took the time to discuss some key regulatory hurdles for natural colouring in the food and beverage industry:


For natural food and beverage colours, Margaret says, “Key regulatory hurdles would be the variety of approved colours in various parts of the world. This would require the food scientists to generate a different formulation — say, for Europe versus the United States or for Latin America.”

DDW Expert Answers Series

That isn’t the only thing that natural colouring suppliers need to consider. As Margaret points out in the above video, “another hurdle would be the cost to get a new food colourant approved. The cost to provide the toxicity data and stability data is extremely expensive.”

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