UPDATED: DDW Launches Improved Oil-Dispersible Caramel Color

28 June 2013
Campbell Barnum, Vice President
Tel: +1 502 895 2438
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D.D. Williamson launches improved oil-dispersible caramel color

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA– (December 1, 2012) – D.D. Williamson has developed a new, improved oil-dispersible caramel color using its proprietary emulsion technology. In addition to a 25% increase in color intensity compared to its previous blend version, the new product demonstrates improved solubility in food and beverage systems containing lipids. Potential applications include compound coatings, seasonings, glazes, batters, dressings, processed potatoes, and ready meals. Food manufacturers may label it “caramel color” on the ingredient statement.

“This liquid formulates easily into new applications for caramel color due to improved dispersibility,” said Jennifer Brown, Application Scientist. “Traditional caramel color is one of the most water soluble ingredients in food systems. So this development is a functional breakthrough within the brown spectrum,” she added.

Sample Requests

Samples are available from DDW in North America and Europe. Please contact your DDW sales representative for more information.