Manufacturing Methods for Natural Colors

Extracting or concentrating natural colours fruit vegetable juice processThe simple extraction process used for naturally derived colouring is similar to that of concentrating fruit or vegetable juice. Manufacturing methods for converting natural sources into food colouring include extraction, heating, homogenization, milling, filtration, concentration and drying.

First, raw materials are selected and thoroughly washed. Then, they are crushed or milled before course filtering or straining. Afterwards, they are fine or polish filtered, pasteurized and then concentrated.

To determine exact colours, it’s important to use colour instruments and measurement analytics such as colourimeters and spectrophotometer.

Natural food colouring can be created in both a liquid and powder form. Colour clarity can range from cloudy to clear. Additional attributes such as water soluble, water dispersible, emulsion for oil and water or water and oil, oil dispersible or oil soluble can be developed for the final natural colour, depending on the needs of the processor. Contact us for a personalized natural colour product recommendation for your food or beverage product application!

Custom solutions can be achieved by mixing or blending natural colours.

When using natural colours for food and beverage applications, there are some stability considerations that should be noted. The main considerations include acid stability, heat stability, light stability, other ingredients (including juices, vitamins, minerals, metals, flavors, and polyphenols), processing, packaging, and storage.

Typical food and beverage applications where natural colourings might be used include beverages, bakery, snacks, cereal, candy, confections, dairy, sauces, soups, seasonings, fruit preparations or fillings, potatoes and pasta, and petfoods. To learn more or to view the full list, visit our Applications page.

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