Natural Colours

Natural colours are derived from agricultural, biological, or mineral sources. They have a simple extraction process and long history of safe usage. Unlike synthetic colours, natural colours can react differently in each application. Some can fade under heat or light, while others change colours at different pH levels. Due to the challenges in working with natural colours, a full range of hues is not complete with just standard products. Blends are often necessary to achieve a specific strength or hue.

This is why DDW offers a complete range of naturally-derived standard products, as well as custom blending expertise to achieve the perfect hue for any application. Our ability to add depth and stability to natural colours via our caramel colours and caramelised fruit and vegetable options gives DDW and advantage because we are able to provide unique custom colours.

To create these unique solutions for a wide range of applications, technical expertise is critical. DDW’s innovation and application scientists are experts in the field of natural colours and work closely with product developers to recommend custom color solutions with the stability your product needs.

Natural vs synthetic

Manufacturing Methods for Naturally Derived Colours