Purple Corn Color

DDW’s new purple corn color is a natural and non-GM option with a neutral taste that can be labeled simply as “vegetable juice for color.” It is the first natural red color to be North American grown, extracted, and concentrated from a domestic purple corn hybrid. This novel anthocyanin color is gently produced without the use of solvents and is controlled from seed to sale by DDW.

Typical of anthocyanins, the hue of Purple Corn color is dependent on pH and concentration. At low pH levels, it exhibits a vibrant orange-red color, allowing near hue matches to Red #40. This red hue match can be achieved in vitamin enhanced waters or sports drinks, as well as in hard candies and gummies/jellies. In some cases, the addition of citric acid may be needed to achieve the desired hue. Closer hue matches can be achieved by blending purple corn with other natural colors.

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Purple corn color purple corn juice color purple corn concentrate
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