Red Radish

Red radish juice is an anthocyanin extracted from the red radish vegetable. As a natural colouring, red radish demonstrates red to purple hues in food and beverages.

Red radish anthocyanins are primarily cyanidin 3-sphorioside-5-glucoside and pelargonidin 3-sphorioside-5-glucoside, both di-glycosylated. This di-glycosylation, coupled with acylation on the on the glycosides, contributes to the colour’s stability through intramolecular stacking.

The stacking blocks reactive hydroxyl groups from interacting with environmental stresses. Anthocyanin colourants exhibit a reversible change in molecular structure as the pH of solutions change from acidic to basic. This change in structure is characterized by a shift in hue from red to purple to blue as the pH changes from acidic to basic.

Red radish natural colors natural colours anthocyanins

Red radish has above average stability in food and beverage applications as a natural colourant. It is most stable in acidic conditions.

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