Beet Juice Color

Red beet juice is extracted from the root of the vegetable Beta vulgaris, or the red beet. They are grown in the Midwest region of the United States and harvested from August to October. The colorings responsible for the red to pink hue of beet juice are a group of molecules called betanins.

Betanin is the main colouring compound present in red beet juice colour. The colourings responsible for the red hue of the juice are a group of molecules called betalains. This group of pigments contains the red and yellow pigments known as betacyanins and betaxanthins, respectively.

red beet natural colors natural colours

The hues vary further depending on the betalains extracted. Betacyanins are magenta pigments, while betaxanthins are yellow pigments. The distribution of extracted pigments varies due to factors such as beetroot cultivar and extraction method.

Colouring from the red beet is water soluble, and the flavor can easily be masked. Although some other natural colours have better heat stability, beet has excellent light stability and excellent pH stability. Unlike anthocyanins, beet color will not change in hue in response to differences in the pH of foods and beverages.

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