Burnt Sugar

Burnt sugar is a light to dark brown liquid or powder obtained from the controlled heating of sugars used primarily for flavouring and/or sweetening with incidental colour.

Consumers in many regions continue to demand natural foods. In response, food and beverage manufacturers are formulating with simple, clean label options - including "Burnt Sugar" and "Colour: Plain Caramel."

Burnt Sugar Applications

DDW manufactures a range of burnt sugars for the primary purpose of flavour with incidental colour. Either liquid or powder varieties are available.

Applications include baked goods, breakfast cereals, dessert toppings, sauces, seasonings, coffee drinks, confectionery products, and pet foods.

burnt sugar syrup burnt sugars

Guidelines for Europe:

Click here for a European guide and decision tree from EUTECA to help customers distinguish between Burnt Sugar (aromatic foodstuff) and Caramel Colour "Plain" Class One (food additive 150a).

The European Union regulation EC 110/2008 defines "Burned Sugar" (instead of "Burnt Sugar") specifically as an ingredient option for spirits or alcoholic drinks. For this particular application, "Burned Sugar" is the product obtained exclusively from the controlled heating of sucrose – without bases, mineral acids or other chemical additives.

Guidelines for USA:

Caramel is a GRAS food substance in the USA and although it has a distinct colour, if its purpose in a food is not intended to colour, then it need not be considered a colour additive or labeled as such. However, please take special note of 21CFR 70.3(g) which defines the rules for exemption if the presence of Caramel in the food is for purposes other than imparting colour. When used for non-colouring purposes a Caramel should be labeled as “Caramel”, and a product used primarily for colouring should be labeled as “Caramel Colour”, “Coloured with Caramel” or simply “Colour Added”. The manufacturer of the finished foodstuff should decide which purpose, colouring or otherwise, a Caramel serves in the foodstuff. Even in the case of simply processed sucrose that has been heated to caramelize the sugars, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has indicated that "sugar", "sucrose", "burnt sugar" or "caramelized sugar" are not acceptable substitutes for "Caramel" or "Caramel Colour".

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