Caramel Color

DDW is the world leader in caramel color for food and beverage products, with over 140 years of innovation in the development and supply of caramel colouring. Caramel colour results from the controlled heat treatment or cooking of carbohydrates (nutritive sweeteners, such as glucose and sucrose, derived from natural carbohydrate sources including corn, wheat and sugar). This process is called “caramelization.” Caramel colour can be created at home during the cooking, boiling or baking process. Caramel colour ingredients are the world’s most widely consumed food colouring by weight and can be commercially produced for food and beverage products.

Caramel colouring is commonly found in many food and beverage products and is considered to be safe and harmless according to leading food ingredient authorities worldwide. Here at DDW, our products go into over two billion servings of foods and drinks each day — so we take food safety and product quality very seriously. Over the past 40 years, we’ve been part of extensive food safety studies at the cost of millions of dollars.

ddw caramel color caramel colour