Carmine / Cochineal

Cochineal extract and carmine are natural anthraquinone red dyes extracted from the female cochineal (Dactylopins coccus Costa), a cactus-dwelling insect native to Mexico and South America. Carmine provides a characteristic pink or red hue depending on the preparation of the extract, while cochineal extract typically imparts orange hues.

Both cochineal and carmine demonstrate excellent heat and light stability and are often used by product developers as alternatives to Allura Red and other synthetic colorings.

Recently, however, many product developers are requesting alternatives to cochineal and carmine to suit the needs of vegan and vegetarian consumers, as well as those conusmers seeking Kosher and Halal certified products, and because it is a potential allergen. DDW offers several natural colours and colouring foods blends that function well as alternatives to cohineal and carmine and meet these requirements for product developers.

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