Beta-carotene is the most commonly used carotenoid colour in food and beverage applications. It is extracted from a variety of sources, including algae, oil palm fruits, and orange carrots. The hue of DDW’s natural beta-carotene ranges from yellow to orange, depending on concentration. It is most commonly used in beverage applications, including juice drinks, tropical beverages, sports drinks, and more. DDW offers both natural and nature-identical forms of beta-carotene that perform similarly in applications.

DDW also offers EmulsiTech™ natural and nature-identical beta-carotene options that are available as cloudy or clear. EmlusiTech™ products are generally heat, light, and pH stable, have low flavour impact, and provide a clean label colour solution. At low usage rates, these products provide bright yellow hues that can replace tartrazine/yellow 5 in beverages and other applications.

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