Beta-carotene is the most commonly used carotenoid colour in food and beverage applications. It is extracted from a variety of sources, including algae, oil palm fruits, and orange carrots. The hue of DDW’s natural beta-carotene ranges from yellow to orange, depending on concentration. It is most commonly used in beverage applications, including juice drinks, tropical beverages, sports drinks, and more. DDW offers both natural and nature-identical forms of beta-carotene that perform similarly in applications.

Advantages include quicker dispersion and less cloudiness in solution. DDW’s colour is designed to reduce the risk of sedimentation, ringing, and cap/bottle staining. In addition, beta-carotene also contains Vitamin A.

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Natural vs. Nature Identical beta-carotene

“Naturally derived” Colouring

1) sources from substance that occurs in nature. Its origin is natural – whether vegetal (plant), microbiological, animal or mineral.
2) results from traditional food preparation processes

“Nature identical” Colouring

1) meets none of the above criteria.
2) through chemical synthesis, replicates molecular structure to become identical to the naturally derived colouring.