EmulsiTech™ Natural Color Emulsions

EmulsiTech™ natural color emulsions are produced using cutting-edge, micro emulsion technology in DDW’s new state of the art facility in Louisville, KY. Oil soluble color sources, such as beta-carotene and paprika, are converted into water dispersible forms. Clear and cloudy beta-carotene and paprika emulsions are available.

DDW’s EmulsiTech™ Cloud is a liquid opacity agent that can provide cloudiness to beverages or an opaque white coating over a dark center for confections, which allows for more vibrant colors to be layered on top of panned candies. It can also be used to add opacity to gummies and hard candies in place of Titanium Dioxide.

EmlusiTech™ products have great functionality in applications because they are generally heat, light, and pH stable, have low/no flavor, and provide a clean label. EmulsiTech™ colors can be easily incorporated into almost any water-based product.

Typical Applications for EmulsiTech™ Products

Beverages, soup, ice cream, yogurt, confections, baked goods and more.

For more information on our EmulsiTech™ products, watch our video or fill out the following form to read our White Paper.

Paprika Claer vs Cloudy in viles
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