Oil Technology

The solubility of color is a key stability factor when developing solutions for food and beverage applications. Product developers require ingredients that work in water-based, oil-based, or emulsion systems. Natural color manufacturers can emulsify oil-based colors to work in water systems, but modifying water-soluble colors for oil systems is a more challenging process. Therefore, DDW has created a line of oil dispersible solutions that can be used in liquid oil, are non-GM, and have improved functionality in compound coating. These Oil Technology Colors broaden the scope of coloring sources that can now be added to lipid/fat systems.

Typical Applications for Oil Technology Colours

Seasonings, Cream Cheese & Dairy Spreads, Compound Coating, Buttercream Icing, Sanding Sugar, and Bouillon

DDW Oil Technology natural colours natural colors colouring coloring

For more information on DDW’s Oil Technology Colors, check out our Technical Tips or watch our video to learn more.