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10 May, 2012
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Ten Products Containing Caramel and Natural Colours (Part Two)

In Part One, we asked our salespeople here at DDW to list some of the many naturally coloured food and beverage products. Here is part two of that same list of foods, drinks and candies that contain caramel colour or natural colours. See if your favorite product makes the list:

6. ARCOR Blow Up! Bubble Gum

Argentina-based confectionary producer ARCOR makes bubble gum that is coloured using natural colours, as stated on the front of each bag.

Arcor blow up bubble gum with natural colours
(Image source:

The company’s Blow Up! product is a candy-coated bubble gum with delicious fruity flavors and a liquid center that bursts in your mouth upon chewing the gum.
Submitted by: Claudio Ferri (Latin America)

7. Nestle Smarties

Nestle Smarties contain “no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.” The ingredient label states that Nestle Smarties use fruit and vegetable concentrates. Smarties are coloured using natural sources including safflower, radish, black carrots, lemon, hibiscus, and red cabbage.

Nestle Smarties naturally coloured candy with no artificial colours flavors or preservatives
(Image source:

This candy is very popular globally. If Nestle can switch this popular global product to natural colours instead of synthetics, then nearly any hard candy product could potentially be switched!

Submitted by: Mark Larson (North America)

8. SoBe Life Water

SoBe Life Water is a product that is probably familiar to many of you. Perhaps some of you even drink it on a daily basis!

sobe life water with natural colours
(Image source:

SoBe utilizes a number of different natural colours in their Life Water product, including purple carrot, cochineal extract, grapeskin, and more.

Submitted by: Parker Cox (North America)

9. La Cure Gourmande

La Cure Gourmande makes products that are good inside and out; their delicious products are naturally coloured and beautifully packaged in a way that strives to provide the quality and “emotional attachment” of old-fashioned, handmade products.

La Cure Gourmande olives au chocolate with natural colours
(Image source:

Available in many regions around the world, DDW associates often see these products at airports when we travel and remark at the gorgeous packaging. The beautiful designs are reminiscent of a “keepsake” or “giftbox” presentation. La Cure Gourmande produces chocolate-covered olives that are coloured with copper chlor green and carmine; caramels de qualite and other gourmet chocolate foods.

Submitted by: Anne O’Dwyer (Europe, North Africa and Middle East)

10. Boddingtons Bitter

One product closely affiliated with DDW in England is Boddingtons Bitter, which was originally advertised as “the Cream of Manchester.”

Boddingtons Bitter Pale Ale Cream of Manchester with natural colours caramel colour
(Image source: Wikipedia)

Orginally brewed in Manchester (Strangeways) but currently brewed in Magor Wales by AB InBev, this “smooth and creamy” ale uses DDW beer-stable caramel colour to give full clarity to its wonderful golden brown glow. Next time you’re in the UK, look for it at a pub!

Submitted by: John Calland (Europe)

BONUS 11th Product: Cola Coloured with Caramel

DDW Caramel Colouring for Cola Soda Soft Drinks Carbonated Beverages and more
By the way, as a supplier of caramel colouring for the largest soft drink companies in the world, we couldn’t resist listing cola as a “bonus” eleventh product.

To learn more about DDW caramel colour and how it can be used in various applications, visit

Any products you’d like us to add?
Were you already familiar with these products? Did your favorite product make the list? Of course, this is just a tip of the iceberg in the world of natural colours and caramel colouring! In fact, it was very difficult narrowing it down to just ten products for this list.

If there are any products you’d like to add, be sure to leave us a comment below. Who knows… maybe you might even see your recommendation in a future article!

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