Class I / Plain Caramel Color

Class I caramel colours, also known as “plain caramels” are created through the controlled heating of carbohydrate sources - such as corn, wheat, and sugar - to produce colour bodies. These caramel colours can range from very yellow to red brown and have a slight negative colloidal charge. While most class I caramels are stable above pH 3, DDW is able to create class I caramels with acid stability down to pH 2.5 using special cooking techniques. Class I colors do not contain 4-MeI.

Typical Applications

Breads, Spirits, Dairy Beverages, Confections

DDW Products:

518, 525, 526, 528, 570, 574, 624, 626

For more information on DDW's new yellowest Class I Caramel Color 518, please see our Technical Tips here.

Class I Caramel Colors