what we do

Mother Nature supplies the raw materials, DDW adds 155 years of coloring expertise. This is a brilliant partnership that offers a complete range of natural colors, caramel colors, burnt sugars, and fruit and vegetable-based browns.  We solely focus all of our people, and capabilities on creating natural food colors for food and beverage manufacturers around the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to work together to serve customers while building community. We strive to provide customers with beautiful natural food color solutions and technical expertise, so we can support them in creating successful, consumer-relevant products.

What We Value


We implement processes and promote behaviors so we can ensure predictably safe operations at each of our locations.


DDW holds our plants to the highest quality standards for the safe production of natural food colors.

We seek out continuous improvement opportunities.


We are dedicated to the success of our customers and fellow associates. DDW adapts to changing and uncertain circumstances so we can provide the best, uninterrupted service possible.


DDW treats our customers and associates with kindness and respect.

Our goal is to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and work.

Our Story

DDW was founded in New York in 1865 to provide malt for brewing companies. Over the next 140 years, we survived prohibition and adapted to supply caramel color for the burgeoning soft drink market. Through this, we became experts in all things caramel for the food and beverage industry and expanded into Ireland, China, eSwatini, Brazil, and the UK.

In 2005, we took our passion for quality and excellence in caramel color and leapt into the world of natural food colors. Over the past 15 years we added natural color facilities in the US, Ireland, UK, and Chile. We are now one of the leading suppliers of natural and caramel colors around the world.