Browns are the most widely used natural colors for savory applications. Since some applications, such as soy sauce, can contain upwards of 20% salt, it is important to choose the right brown. If a color is unstable at a particular salt level, it will precipitate/haze in the final product so be sure to use colors specifically developed for salt stability. Class III caramel colors are often popular choices because of their high salt stability, however there are some class I caramel colors that will also work for those companies looking to simplify their labels.

For applications that are lower in salt content, Naturbrown® ingredients are another brown option that can be used for soups and sauces. They are created from fruit or vegetable juice concentrates and can add golden to deep rich brown color to soup bases.

Most savory applications contain 5% salt or less, so many natural colors can be used. The most commonly used natural colors for savory applications are turmeric, beta carotene, and paprika, due to their heat stability and versatility. Depending on the matrix, a better color may be achieved by adding color emulsions. Emulsitech® Paprika and Beta-carotene offer vibrant, more evenly dispersed color across multiple phases.

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