Titanium Dioxide

21 CFR 73.575
E 171
CAS # 98084-9

titanium dioxideTitanium dioxide is a white powder found in nature in mineral sources such as rutile and anatase. It applies in cosmetics, sunscreens, pharmaceutical tablet coatings and foods — mainly chewing gum and other confectionery products. It has a high refractive index, which contributes to its bright, white colour and opacity. While found in nature, it may be synthetically produced, leading to very low contaminant levels compared to the crude source extraction. Titanium dioxide may be coated with alumina or silica to improve its functional properties.

Titanium dioxide’s properties stem from the molecule’s ability to associate with each other uniformly. The conformations increase the amount of light reflected and explain why its dosage in various foods is a relatively low percentage. This colour is insoluble in water and oil but disperses easily within both classes of foods. It is a stable colouring and does not require any special processing to preserve its colouring properties.

Titanium Dioxide Chemical Structure

titanium dioxide chemical structure