About Givaudan
Sense Colour

Mother Nature supplies the raw materials, Sense Colour adds 155 years of colouring expertise. This is a brilliant partnership that offers a complete range of natural colours, caramel colours, burnt sugars, and fruit and vegetable-based browns.  We solely focus all of our people, and capabilities on creating brilliant natural colours for multisensorial food and beverage experiences consumers will love.

Our value proposition

Together, we co-create food experiences using the broadest palette of natural colours brought to life by an unparalleled team of experts.

Our History

DDW was founded in New York in 1865 to provide malt for brewing companies. Over the next 140 years, we survived prohibition and adapted to supply caramel colour for the burgeoning soft drink market. Through this, we became experts in all things caramel for the food and beverage industry and expanded into Ireland, China, eSwatini, Brazil, and the UK.

In 2005, we took our passion for quality and excellence in caramel colour and leapt into the world of natural food colours. Over the past 18 years we added natural colour facilities in the US, Ireland, and UK. We are now one of the leading suppliers of natural and caramel colours around the world.

In 2021 Givaudan acquired DDW to expand the portfolio of its global Taste & Wellbeing business and become a global player in the natural colours industry. This acquisition allows us to provide the broadest palette of natural colours and excellent customer support to an expanded customer base. In 2023 DDW, The Color House officially transitioned to Givaudan Sense Colour.