Natural colours for pet food

Pet owners want the very best for their furry friends, so colours added to pet food formulations need to be the same quality as those added to human food – luckily there are plenty of natural colours for pet food available.

Yellows and oranges such as turmeric and annatto help create the perfect look for vegetable inclusions like corn or carrots, while Naturbrown® ingredients, and caramel colours, as well as custom colour blends, can be used to create appetising meaty browns that can be used as alternatives to synthetic colours or iron oxides for pet foods in anything from dry extruded kibbles to baked treats.

natural yellow and brown colors in pet treats
natural yellow green red and orange colors in dog treats
natural red and brown colours in kibble

Naturbrown® ingredients, burnt sugars, or class I caramel colours can also be used to add add light golden to deep rich brown hues to gravy and wet food formulations. These heat stable options will survive the canning process and help overcome any grey tones that may occur.


Whether you’d like a meaty red, seasoned yellow, or beefy brown, you’ll get the best, most cost-effective colour so consumers can feel good about what they feed their pets.


Want to learn more about using natural colours for pet food? Check out the webinar on our Learning Center or contact us to get started on your next project!

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